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"Frank Rothaermel is the Paul Samuelson of Strategic Management!"

Joe Mahoney, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


"It is far and away the best and most up-to-date competitive strategy textbook out there."

- Scott Stern, MIT Sloan School of Management


"What Michael Porter has done for the academic work in strategy, Frank is now doing for strategy textbooks: setting a new standard while providing a superior paradigm to teach strategy. Truly awesome!"

Gideon D. Markman, Colorado State University


"Frank Rothaermel's Strategic Management is an exemplary textbook: it is well written in a style that is both comprehensive yet digestible; it is well organized, easy to parse, and visually pleasing; and it is well balanced, complementing its research-grounded lectures with a host of great up to date cases that cover a broad range of industries and geographies. As both text and book this is an unusually valuable asset for students and teachers alike."

Ron Adner, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College


"Steve Jobs, in his 2005 Stanford commencement speech, reflected upon the importance of "Connecting the Dots", and how this can only be done looking backwards. The cornerstone of Rothaermel's text is precisely this: He has connected the strategy dots into a meaningful blend of theory and practice, creating a Strategic Management text that is poignant, pivotal and powerful. This competitive advantage inspires those of us who are passionate about teaching strategy, to deliver it at an even more profound level."

Marta Szabo White, Georgia State University


"This book is a great companion to the Capstone Business Simulation. I use the book to go over the conceptual frameworks of business strategy and used the Capstone Business Simulation as an application of the concepts covered in the text book.

What I like most about the book:

  1. The AFI Strategy Framework: a great visual representation that shows the layout of the book that walks students through the different steps the managers go through.

  2. Frameworks: the author does a great job including a good assortment of strategy frameworks. These frameworks are ideal because they are easy to remember and easy to apply, thus they could be referenced throughout the course and the simulation

  3. Chapter Cases: these are real life stories that help professors link the conceptual frameworks covered in the book to real world applications.

  4. Comprehensive overview of all the important strategic concepts: the book does a great job walking students through the different stages of the AFI Strategy Framework: Analyzing the company and the competitive arena to Formulating a strategy to Implementing the strategy.

  5. Exercises: I use the exercises presented in the book to ensure that students understood the conceptual frameworks before we applied them to the simulation."

Reda Chafai, President, Capsim Management Simulations, Inc.


"Frank Rothaermel provides a fresh and contemporary outlook to teaching strategic management that the profession direly required. From the instructor side, the book provides novel intuitions about established theories in strategy that should enrich classroom discussion and bring about engagement with students. From the student side, it is clear that the author has taken care to cater to their current needs, related to not only the new economy but also the requirements manifested from doing business around the globe, no less in emerging economies. I am looking forward to using this book in my classroom for students here at IIM Bangalore and strongly encourage my colleagues and fellow-scholars in India and Asia to take a careful look at this book for their classroom curriculum. Here is one new book that should not be missed for revising our curriculum – if you have a penchant for 'creative destruction' that is."

Chirantan Chatterjee, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore


"I used this book for the first time during the fall 2012 semester to teach strategic management at the undergraduate level (seniors). Before that, I taught 6 sections of strategic management over two years, using another textbook. When I first saw this book, I liked it so much I almost immediately decided to adopt it despite the fact that I knew that it would mean a lot of work. I redid all my slides and lectures to fit this book. I now enjoy teaching strategic management even more as the examples in the book are interesting and the students relate to them. I also love to follow Frank's updates on Facebook. When he reads something in high quality outlets such as the Wall Street Journal that applies to the concepts or examples of the book, he posts it online. It makes it really easy for me to bring this to the attention of the students and it allows me to include current events even on days I don't have time to read the newspaper. Finally, the teaching resources from the publisher are excellent and include links to videos and other materials that are fun to incorporate. This book is top-notch, and I am glad Frank Rothaermel took time off from his scholarly research to innovate what it means to write a textbook in the strategic management area."

Heidi Bertels, City University of New York


"Strategic Management by Frank Rothaermel is a rare find – a great strategy book for the classroom, and an equally useful book for the manager/practitioner in the field. I spent over 20 years in the field working in corporations, small to medium sized business, and starting and running my own businesses. Rothaermel's book on strategy finally replaced my worn out copies of Michael Porter's books on strategy as my 'go-to books' that I used as my strategy guides at GE and AT&T in the field. After completing my PhD in strategy, I used many different strategy texts in the classroom. When I heard that Frank Rothaermel was involved in this new text, I gave it try. I had great success with his text and cases in the classroom."

Robert L. Porter, University of Central Florida


I highly recommend Frank Rothaermel's text, Strategic Management: Concepts 3rd Edition to professors of strategy and to students alike. I have been reading and using this book since the 1st edition. It combines current thinking in strategy core concepts, interesting cases, and suggestions on how to apply the concepts in a way that all readers find relatable and interesting.

In his text Dr. Rothaermel begins with an explanation of what strategy is and how to manage the strategy process. It takes the reader through the phases of Analysis, Formulation and Implementation of strategic management. The book provides real-world examples and mini cases that helps solidify concepts and improves student retention of information.

I now work for a company that makes and supports business simulation software used in many strategy courses. We work with more than 2,000 professors and I recommend Dr. Rothaermel's book to all of them. The book pairs exceptionally well with our Capstone simulation, and Dr. Rothaermel uses it in his own course at Georgia Institute of Technology.

This is a superb book!

- Carter Alligood, Director Business Development and Marketing, Capsim Management Simulations Inc.


"The fact that Rothaermel is the sole author of the text & MiniCases as well as (co-)author of full-length cases capitalizes on the "One Author, One Vision" commitment of a powerful, prevailing, and prominent new strategy text. He has painstakingly incorporated a meaningful blend of theory and practice in an effort to successfully facilitate the dissemination of strategic management. The cornerstone of Rothaermel's competitive advantage versus other strategy texts rests with his unique bundling of expertise, writing proficiency and dedication to be the ultimate strategy text."

Marta Szabo White, Georgia State University


"In a word...PHENOMENAL! Frank's book is exactly the right mix of theory and practical application in a strategic management textbook. I have taught classes in marketing, sales, management, international management and strategic management and this is, by far, the best textbook I have ever used in any course I have taught at any undergraduate level. I also have 10 years of experience in the corporate world and I find that the topics, concepts, and examples are completely relevant and useful to today's business student. It is a must for any institution looking for a strategic management textbook!"

Erin Zimmer, Northwood University


"Having used four of the other current strategy texts over the past few years, I was searching for a new text that was rigorous and highly readable. I also wanted a text that included interesting and well-written cases. The Rothaermel text provides all of these to my students. 

Students have responded positively to the text. They have given it an average score of a 4.6/5.0 scale and the campus bookstore ran out of the text for the fall trimester because fewer students than expected returned their book after the spring and summer trimesters. I highly recommend this text for graduate classrooms."

Richard Herko, Pepperdine University


"This textbook is a must read for anyone working on their undergraduate business degree or MBA. It is a well written book that truly deals with core concepts in strategic management. It offers a refreshing perspective at strategy with a nice blend between theory and practice. This book has successfully created a long-overdue bridge between academia and the business world. 

The theoretical treatments of the various fundamental and advanced topics are explained in a comprehensive and easy to read manner. Moreover, the book offers a vast variety of up-to-date case studies that highlight the concepts within a pragmatic context. 

Frank Rothaermel's book on strategic management does not follow the standard strategy book formula. Having taught strategic management at the undergraduate and graduate level I truly believe that it has the potential to make the difference between success and disappointment."

Uriel Stettner, Tel Aviv University


"Choose this book for your Strategy course...if you want:

• Breadth: The text covers a wide array of industries and many firms within each industry. In it, you will find the usual suspects but you will also learn about some not so widely documented players. This is important; strategy is about every firm in every industry and the textbook should be attractive to the student who works (or wants to know about) for a firm that is not necessarily in one of the attention-grabbing industries.

• Depth: The great thing about this textbook is that it does not sacrifice depth for breadth. The book is based on extensive research, is rigorous, and explains all the important strategy topics in detail.

• Relevance: In my opinion, the book's greatest advantage when compared to its competition. You just can't beat its focus on providing the student with a relevant textbook. Recent examples, well explained, state-of-the-art business practices, cutting-edge strategy ideas.

• Clarity: I absolutely love the writing style. Clear, crisp, focused, to the point. Excellent communication of complicated ideas. 

Students who love it: My students have only good things to say about this book. Words that they have used to describe it so far: insightful, interesting, the best textbook in the program, relevant, timely, useful, important, well written, great examples, solid material, simple yet great, just great. 

I made the investment to switch to this book from another strategy textbook for my strategy courses and I am very happy about my decision. I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about it, to do the same. Your students will appreciate it."

Konstantinos Grigoriou, Florida International University


"I bought this textbook for a course I was taking, and to my surprise, this is one of the few textbooks I'll actually hang on to."

Student, Review on


"I was lucky enough to have this book for my "capstone" Strat. Mgmt. class while getting my BS in Management. FINALLY a textbook that was not only interesting and helped me learn, but was topical and relevant for the economic competitiveness that we are all facing. After taking many courses that repeated the same business theories and generic academic requirements, it was so refreshing to read a book that brought new insight into becoming a better business thinker while exposing the reader to CURRENT business cases and competitive issues. Dr. Rothaermel obviously put a lot of thought into creating a textbook that would help anyone interested in becoming a better strategic thinker in terms of business, and I would recommend this book to any student interested in elevating their business savvy and improving their skills."

Student, Review on


"This textbook has a combination of foundational concepts, well-known models, innovative perspectives, and the latest examples to help understand governing principles of strategy and business through familiar contexts. The content is so interesting that each chapter goes by so fast that you actually wish it was longer (that is very rare for textbooks in my opinion). Hands down this is the best textbook I have ever bought during my MBA. This textbook has turned into a book that has a place on my bookshelf even after the class has finished. In addition, the cases go hand in hand with each chapter and take a deep dive to help readers digest rich information. The cases are very relevant to today's business world and carefully selected to cover the essentials and beyond. Moreover, one of the cases helped me land my summer internship due the knowledge I had gained about a particular industry."

Student, Review on


"I am a business school major studying at Ohio State, and we are currently using this text for our capstone course. The book is well-written, captivating, and informative. I really enjoy the author's use of anecdotes and engaging concepts. This is one textbook I will be holding on to."

Student, Review on


"I felt this textbook is almost worthy of omitting the word 'text' (which to many students implies boring as hell). I especially liked the strategy highlights that taught very interesting background stories of the people and companies that are now known around the world today."

Student, Review on